Student Grant Application


Thanks to the generosity of Phil Ferguson and Polaris Financial Planning, we are excited to offer grants for student groups attending the 2019 National Convention!

Your group may apply for any of the following:

  • Conference tickets for your group (valued at $50 per person)

  • Hotel room grants (2- or 3-night grants, valued at $125 per room, per night)

  • Travel assistance grants (valued at $100 to offset travel costs)

Please complete the form below to apply for our Ferguson/Polaris Student Grants!

Group Leader Name *
Group Leader Name
Group Leader Phone Number *
Group Leader Phone Number
What is your group applying for? *
Would your group still be able to attend the conference if you don't receive all of the grants you have applied for? *
American Atheists has limited resources to expand access to student groups and is committed to ensuring that the greatest number of students possible have the opportunity to attend our National Convention.
Please list the names and email address of attendees in your group in the following format: Firstname Lastname (